8 months ago

How to Inspect a Roof for Damage

When assessing property for flipping, knowing a bit about roofs and the basics of how to inspect a roof will help you prevent overlooking a costly expense. Depending on the material, square footage, type of roof, slope, architecture, and number of read more...

1 year ago

How to tile a shallow roof

Roofing tiles for a shallow roof

When it comes to a roof, most people assume that roof tiles are simply laid down and they just do their job of keeping the water out and the home dry. In most cases that is true, however there are circumstan read more...

1 year ago

101 Home Improvement Blogs | Totally Home Improvement

Here is my presentation for 101 of the best Home Improvement & DIY Blogs updated for 2014.

I first published this list over a year ago, and a lot has changed during that time. Unfortunately a few of my favorite blogs are no longer bein read more...

1 year ago

Neverwet Spray Promises to Waterproof Almost Anything

You spill red wine all over the couch, but it doesn't seep into the fabric read more...